Friday, October 15, 2010

Tutorials: Realistic Hard Surfaces

I've received requests for some tutorials on how to go about making 3D game stuff. I'm certainly happy to share some tricks of the trade, will upload some tutorials as I get time to make them. Meanwhile make sure you check the Resource links regularly, as I'll be updating with the best graphics and game design tutes I stumble across.

Paint textures like Stefan Morell
Start with these excellent tutes by Stefan Morell for hard surface textures, found here and here.

For more amazing CGSociety magic feast your eyeballs here...

I may as well update this post with the best links as I find them, there are thousands out there and many are superb. Please feel free to post specific requests for the kinds of stuff you want to see explained so I can write and be posting the most relevent items. Stay tuned.

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