Sunday, September 11, 2011

Void Destroyer

Strategy games are great fun, especially in space but leave the action fans out in the cold a little - if you are anything like me you often find yourself musing on how cool it would be to be able to jump in the cockpit and drive all those ships around like Top Gun on crack.

OTOH space games are usually twitchy point-and-shooters which are a great diversion but often lack depth. Wouldn't it be great if some genius figured out a way to combine piloting and fleet tactics into a proper space game...

Well fret no more strategic action fans. Void Destroyer is a brilliant new indy project in development by Chaosavy which pitches powerful space fleets against each other in a rich space based RTS where you not only construct and command your ships, but also lead them into battle.

Since this is obviously very close to my idea of the perfect game I am extremely happy to be on board as of August 2011 to make pretty graphics and hassle Paul about Ogre shaders and physics and stuff.

The game is currently in alpha and latest version can be downloaded from Early days yet, but I'm sure fans of either genre will see the potential immediately.

Here's a sample of things to come...