Saturday, October 9, 2010

Epic V1.0 Player Feedback

It's always gratifying to discover that hard work is appreciated. Epic 1.0 is now playing, despite a few loose ends - here are a few comments lifted from the BZU and BZ2MD forums.

"I think I'm in love.... it's so puuuurdy...."
"I've been playing EPIC, and I say, i can never go back to regular BZ2. Maybe a good idea would be to convert the original SP, and/or some of the more notable mods to EPIC, give it the new look that rocks so much."
- Roadkill

"Didn't have much time, died attacking the Cerberi Base, but in all it's awesomeness...  golden awesomeness."
"That first pic, the forest one, took my breath away.  Awesome and unexpected from the BZ2 engine..."
- Avatar

"Hard to believe that first pic was rendered in BZ2. It almost looks like a painting someone did for a book."
"Love the mod BTW. It makes you feel really small, like how you should be in a real war. I'm surprised at how effective the bombers are. I never wouldve imagined that one could modify the AI to be so effective at bombing runs."
- Zero Angel

"This is the absolute best expansion I have ever seen for any game, period. Insane improvement on the graphics, a lot of new races to play as, and MUCH more balanced than the last one. Great job, and keep up the good work, there are still thousands of people that play BZII, and your expansion will definitely bring more in, I have gotten some friends to download your expansion, so keep up the good work."
- Commando38

Gotta be happy with reviews like that. Thanks go out to the BZ2MD Epic crew and everybody who has given it a run.


  1. Oh wait :P it's out now, actually I remember playing it, in fact I have a short cut of it on my desktop. But the pictures bellow :S it doesn't look like what I'm seeing in game.

  2. These maps are brand new - gotta wait for V1.1 DLC a fair few new maps for u to go kill stuff on, but they're obviously pretty detailed and take a while to fully finish and test. Won't be long tho, gonna upload a few of them for pathing this week.