Friday, October 8, 2010

Epic V1.1

After way too long, BZ2 Epic V1.0 finally hit the stands a few weeks back to much rejoicing from discerning action/strategy game fans throughout the known universe. Unsure how many actual aliens grabbed it, but happily quite a few humans did - maybe we can revive interest in the genre just a little. Big kudos to the crew on BZ2MD for assembling the final assets.

Currently working on some polished new tilesets for the first major update, recently declassified screenshots from Epic V1.1 below. Remember this is a 10+ year old game engine folks...

Thanks GSH and Ken for the 1.3 upgrades. There's a few more WIP tilesets that are less developed, I got more ideas than time unfortunately. As well as the new maps, the V1.1 update will also fix a few reported issues and upgrade playable tech for all factions. Check for latest news.


  1. Hey first comment! Give yaself a star ;)

    Lotsa cool stuff possible now that GPU's have finally caught up with BZ2.